Matt Bevin defends pardoning child rapist: Victims' 'hymens were intact'


The attorney who prosecuted the case said the former Republican governor's explanation shows he's 'ignorant of the medicine and science in child rape cases.'

Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin defended his controversial pardon of a man who was convicted of raping a child, saying there was no physical evidence of an assault. A former medical examiner said Bevin's remarks were factually inaccurate.

Bevin, a Republican, issued hundreds of pardons between his electoral defeat on Nov. 5 and his final day in office on Dec. 9. Several have stirred controversy, including his pardon of Patrick Baker, a man convicted of homicide and other crimes whose family held a fundraiser for Bevin last year.

Bevin also pardoned Micah Schoettle, 41, who was found guilty of rape, sodomy and other sexual crimes and sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2018.

Bevin defended the pardon, saying there was no evidence Schoettle committed the crime.

"Both their hymens were intact," Bevin said in an interview with WHAS radio on Thursday, referring to Schoettle's victims. "This is perhaps more specific than people would want, but trust me. If you have been repeatedly sexually violated as a small child by an adult, there are going to be repercussions of that physically and medically. There was zero evidence of that.”

Kentucky's former chief medical examiner Dr. George Nichols criticized the comments in an interview with the Courier Journal, saying the statements were factually inaccurate.

“He not only doesn’t know the law, in my humble opinion, he clearly doesn’t know medicine and anatomy,” Nichols said, adding that he is happy that he "didn’t have to report to that a--hole.”

In defending the pardon, the former governor also said another child who was said to be present during the alleged assaults denied they took place.

Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders, who prosecuted the case against Schoettle, has called for an investigation into the pardon. Sanders also called Bevin “ignorant of the medicine and science in child rape cases.”