Matt Gaetz is afraid someone will throw pee at him


The Florida Republican congressman is pressing charges against a woman who threw a drink at him, saying he's worried about escalation.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) went on Fox News Thursday night to complain about his harrowing encounter with a protester throwing a drink at him. He blamed the incident on the entire "left" — and said he is going to press charges because he's worried that next time he may get a cup of urine thrown on him.

Gaetz appears to be the first American politician to fall victim to the British trend of "milkshaking," in which protesters in the U.K. throw the delicious blended ice cream drink on right-wing figures to shame them. (The drink in this case wasn't actually a milkshake; police said it was likely Hawaiian Punch.)

The milkshaking incident, Gaetz told host Sean Hannity, is "why you really see the right winning elections and winning the culture war."

"I am going to press charges," Gaetz added. "If there are no consequences then maybe it's me getting hit with a drink one time, but what if it's a member of my staff? And what if it's not a drink, it's acid, or urine?"

The incident Gaetz is talking about happened in early June, when a woman tossed a beverage on Gaetz as he emerged from a town hall meeting.

Like the anti-immigrant right-wing figures in the U.K. who have been hit by milkshakes, Gaetz too is a far-right figure who demonizes immigrants.

He defends Trump's cruel immigration policies, and even staged a fake visit to a segment of Trump's border wall that was actually just a prototype located over 100 miles away from the actual border.

Gaetz is also one of Trump's biggest defenders on Capitol Hill, once admitting that he thinks his purpose in Congress is to run defense for Trump.

Gaetz is also a fake tough guy like Trump. Gaetz once attempted to intimidate former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen ahead of a congressional hearing — an incident that landed Gaetz under investigation for violating ethics rules.

But despite his tough guy talk, it appears being hit by a tasty beverage was just too harrowing an experience for Gaetz to handle without getting law enforcement involved.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.