Maxine Waters: Trump's 'not going to be there for four years.'


Representative Maxine Waters is confident. Support for impeaching Donald Trump is already at Nixon-era levels, and she is boldly declaring that it is possible.

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been vocal and vehement in her condemnation of Donald Trump, and unyielding in her dedication to fighting back against his administration's abuses of power.

She has searingly noted that she is not yet explicitly calling for impeachment yet, because "he's doing it himself." Now she is reiterating her conviction that Trump is doing himself in, and that "he's not going to be there for four years," in an interview with MSNBC's Katy Tur.

 TUR: I would pose that question to you: Do the Democrats matter?

WATERS: Oh, absolutely, we matter. As a matter of fact, we may matter now more than ever, despite the fact we're not in the majority in the House or the Senate, and they have the White House. But this president is so outrageous, so ridiculous, until — I think we have a responsibility to help educate and communicate the public and dissect what he's doing, what he's saying. And it's going to catch up with him. And for those Republicans who don't have the courage to stand up and denounce some of those tweets and the way that he's handling conflicts of interest, they're going to get caught up in this. It's not going to last very long.

TUR: Congresswoman, you have strong words for the president, and there's a good portion of the Democratic Party that doesn't want to see any Democrat work with Republicans or work with President Trump in any way — 56 percent of them saying that they oppose this president. Are we in for another four years of complete stalemate in Congress?

WATERS: I don't think so, because he's not going to be there for four years. He has disregarded Constitutional questions. We're still digging into his conflicts of interest, his relationship to Putin and the Kremlin. I think there's a lot there. I don't intend to work with him or try to work with him, but I certainly don't intend for him to be around for four years. A lot of people don't want to hear this. They're saying, 'You're saying it and talking about a president who has only been in office for a short period of time.' But I do believe that he is vulnerable to impeachment.

TUR: You believe he's vulnerable to impeachment, but the Democrats do not control the House or the Senate. This would have to be something that Republicans signed on to. Why are you so sure the Republicans would get onboard with that?

WATERS: Well, I think that he's going embarrass his party. They can't keep defending him and standing up for him. But in addition to that, this Congress, no matter where we divide, we're basically very patriotic. And many of those Senators are getting very nervous about his relationship to Putin and his defense of Putin, constantly, and so I think that if, in fact, they find that there's been any collusion between this president and Putin and the Kremlin, that they're going to back off of him. And there is an opportunity there for all of us to get together in the interest, the best interests, of this country, and I do think that impeachment certainly may be possible.

Waters' bold declarations and her unapologetic denunciations of Trump and his illegitimate presidency are heartening for those in the resistance. She embodies an admirable example of how to hold on to one's convictions, and act on one's principles in "the best interests of this country" against an overreaching and dangerous administration.