Maxine Waters has called for Trump's impeachment 22 times — and she's just getting started


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been at the vanguard of resistance to Donald Trump, and she is just getting warmed up.

There have been many Democratic legislators who have engaged in effective resistance of Donald Trump, but no one has cut to the chase like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who simply will not be pushed around.

Rep. Waters has become especially well-known for her fierce and frequent calls for Trump's impeachment. Indeed, according to, Waters has made public statements calling for Trump's impeachment a whopping 22 times:

By FiveThirtyEight’s count of television, radio and print interviews since January, starting a few days before the inauguration,1 Waters has made at least 22 public statements suggesting that investigations into the Trump administration could lead to the uncovering of impeachable offenses. Typically, Waters, who represents California’s 43rd District, brings up what she calls Trump’s “Kremlin Klan,” asks why there are so many administration ties to Russia and says that if investigators drill down, they’re likely to find something worthy of impeachment.

It’s not as if Waters is the only Democrat to have brought up impeachment — so have Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas and Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland. All four impeachment-minded members come from strongly Democratic districts. Hillary Clinton won 78 percent of the vote in Waters’s district, 74 percent in Ellison’s, 61 percent in Castro’s and 65 percent in Raskin’s. But Waters has been the loudest, most consistent voice for impeachment...

But it is not just the quantity of Waters' calls for impeachment, but the quality as well: Give Maxine Waters five minutes of airtime, and she will lay out a thorough and convincing case for Trump's removal based solely on what has happened right out in the open.

Waters shows no signs of letting up on Trump in the slightest, and while she has been way ahead of the curve, there might not be much left for her to do. With new bombshells dropping every day in the Trump/Russia investigation, her demands may just be answered soon.