Maxine Waters slams 'dangerous' Trump: 'I don't think that he deserves to be president'


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) wants to make her opposition to Donald Trump perfectly clear, as she did on Morning Joe when she stated, "I don't respect this president. I don't think that he deserves to be president of this great country."

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been at the forefront of the resistance to Donald Trump, calling for his impeachment early and often, while also developing an unparalleled skill for enunciating the many problems that his presidency presents. Her uncompromising pursuit of Trump has been a source of great encouragement for the resistance, and she's not letting up at all.

In fact, when the Morning Joe crew gave the Democratic congresswoman the chance to evince some sort of respect for Trump, she doubled down, telling them that she does not, in fact, respect Trump, and delivering another blistering assessment of his "dangerous" presidency:

WATERS: No, I wasn't at the inauguration speech. And I've not been at any of the ceremonial activities with this president.

SCARBOROUGH: And the reason why wasn't a sign of disrespect. From what I heard, you said that you wanted to be respectful, and that you might get a little emotional, and might shout something out.

WATERS: No, no, no, no. It's not that. I just — I don't honor him. I don't respect this president. I don't think that he deserves to be president of this great country. I am very concerned about him. And I really think he's dangerous. And, Joe, I don't know if you've seen the six-part series that the L.A. Times wrote about him. It is scathing. I've never seen editorials like this before in my life. And so, you know, we continue to talk about him as if this is normal. Mika, this is abnormal, what we're experiencing with this president. And I have taken him on, as you know. And the millennials have joined me. And so I continue to talk about his ties to Russia, and what I think all of that means. And, as you know, I've continued to talk about, I believe if we have the credible investigations, that it will lead to his impeachment. I believe that.

Maxine Waters tells it like it is, and her unrelenting opposition is a crucial and constant reminder of two things: that Trump's presidency is not normal, and that we have the power to make it end.