Texas shooting survivor: Lawmakers must act on guns or lose their jobs


17-year-old Megan McGuire survived the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School. Now she has a message for elected officials who continue to do the NRA's bidding.

Lawmakers who think they can just offer "thoughts and prayers" and do nothing else after the latest school shooting ought to think again. And 17-year-old Megan McGuire was quite clear about what their futures hold if they refuse to do so.

"My thought is that if you do not do something, you do not have a prayer of being elected," she declared.

McGuire is a junior at Santa Fe High School in Texas, where another student killed 10 people in a shooting rampage on May 18. It was the 22nd school shooting thus far this year.

Students like McGuire are fed up with their lives and safety being disregarded by right-wing politicians who are enamored with the NRA. They know that those lawmakers don't deserve to hold onto their seats if they put the radical gun group over vulnerable young Americans.

And they know exactly who can and will hold these derelict politicians accountable.

"My generation will see to that," McGuire warned.

In the absence of any meaningful action, or even a willingness to consider such action, by conservatives in Congress, teens have had to step up and fight for their own lives.

After the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students there and around the nation breathed new life into the gun safety movement. Their activism has left the NRA reeling, as polls show Americans are siding with the teenagers and rejecting the gun group's agenda.

Yet Republicans continue to take the NRA's money and do the organization's bidding, all while offering nothing but "thoughts and prayers" to shooting victims and their loved ones.

As Parkland survivor Alex Wind said, politicians who help push the NRA's agenda have "chosen death." But as for the students: "We choose life!"

And as McGuire and others have made clear, that choice will be made manifest at the ballot box this November.