Melania's 'Be Best' event features speaker fired for sexual harassment at Fox


Disgraced former Fox host Eric Bolling praised Melania Trump as 'the most important and accomplished first lady in American history, full stop.'

Conservative commentator Eric Bolling — who was fired from Fox News after sending unsolicited photos of male genitals to women — was a featured speaker at Melania Trump’s “Be Best” event at the White House on Tuesday.

A man who would bully his female coworkers in such a way is a bizarre spokesperson for Be Best, which Melania Trump founded as an anti-bullying initiative to help encourage positive social habits for children.

Bolling, who is now an employee of the right-wing Sinclair stations, lavished praise on the Trumps during his speech Tuesday and gave an over-the-top statement about Melania’s role in American history.

“When the history books are written, there should be a special chapter for our first lady," Bolling said. "Many American first ladies have focused on making American life better, and they have. But you, first lady Melania Trump, have gone one step further and saved lives."

His high praise went even higher.

“You know, God is smart. She or He will continue to shine a bright light on your path for the next six years as first lady," Bolling added, referring to Melania.

"The most important and accomplished first lady in American history, full stop.”

Bolling, who has toured schools with Melania Trump to speak about opioid addiction and his son’s accidental death from an overdose, is also a longtime Trump booster and supporter who was among the first people at Fox News to begin shilling for Trump early in the 2016 campaign cycle.

Bolling lost his position at the network in 2017 after it was reported that three of his coworkers said he had sent them inappropriate text messages, including photos of male genitals.

The incident was one in a series of scandals at the network over men in power abusing women, including network founder Roger Ailes and star host Bill O’Reilly.

Bolling also made sexist comments on the air, such as  referring to a female fighter pilot who flew missions against the ISIS terrorist group as “boobs on the ground.”

Like Trump, Bolling was also a promoter of the racist birther conspiracy theory about President Barack Obama. He once blew up giant copies of Obama’s birth certificate as part of a ridiculous gambit to claim that the documents were fake.

Bolling also made racist comments about Obama; he claimed the president was “chugging 40s” at the White House, and described a meeting with leaders from the African nation of Gabon as hosting “hoods in the hizzy.”

Bolling's racism and sexism is right in line with Trump's. That probably explains why Melania Trump welcomed him on stage with her, even though he's the opposite of a role model for how kids can be their "best."

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