NRA-backed lawmaker caught lying about support for gun control


Rep. Mia Love told the public she was open to gun control. Then she quietly assured a few of her supporters that she did not really mean it.

After the horrific shooting in Parkland, Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) cast herself as a voice of reason. She told Utah state lawmakers "everything has to be on the table," and that she was open to raising the age to purchase rifles, enhancing background checks, and banning bump stocks.

But when confronted by a conservative Mormon group, she privately posted on Facebook that she was not serious about it, according to screenshots saved at ThinkProgress.

"As for everything being on the table, I’m talking about Hollywood violent movie [sic], horrible video games and explicit music that kids are listen [sic] to. When did we allow Hollywood to be our guide to morality. People want to look at guns, they should also look and [sic] what is poisoning our children’s minds," Love wrote.

So Love is either lying to the general public, or she is lying to this group of supporters on Facebook.

One reason to think it's the former is that Love has a cozy, lucrative relationship with the National Rifle Association.

Love has received $63,000 in contributions from the NRA, more than the entire rest of the Utah delegation put together, and enjoys an "A" rating and endorsement from the organization.

In her most recent congressional race, NRA-PVF Chairman Chris Cox said of her, "Mia Love’s dedication to protecting our Second Amendment rights is demonstrated by her opposition to President Obama's attempts to ban lawfully-owned firearms, magazines, and ammunition. She has also stood strong against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's gun control agenda."

She has also sought to pass a federal law that would force states to recognize concealed carry permits from other states, even if their requirements are less strict.

Much like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who claimed to be open to a tougher age limit for gun purchases even after trying twice to repeal the age limit in Washington, D.C., Love reveals her real position when it matters most.

It is high time Love decided if she really wants to work on this issue. She cannot have it both ways, and she cannot be taken seriously while coasting on NRA cash.