America to 2018 candidates: Stand up to Trump or lose


A new poll shows the majority of Americans want politicians who'll stand up to Trump and his radical agenda.  

The American electorate is angry and they have a message for this year's midterm candidates.

Not only do U.S. voters overwhelmingly favor Democrats in their local Congressional districts, but voters by even larger margins now say they'll support candidates who actively oppose Trump and his radical agenda, according to a new Suffolk University poll.

The survey "finds voters looking toward the midterm elections are overwhelmingly unhappy with the country's direction, dissatisfied with its political leadership, and interested in electing a Congress that will confront President Trump," USA Today reported on Thursday.

Even more telling, "By close to 2-1, 58%-32%, those surveyed say they want to elect a Congress that mostly stands up to the president."

That seems be to clear confirmation that although Trump's name won't be on the ballot in November, election season will be all about him.

And that's bad news for Republicans. In the Suffolk poll, Trump's disapproval rating just hit a new high of 60 percent.

That wave of anti-Trump feeling nationwide is driven by Democratic voters, as well as by independents, according to the poll. Eight in 10 Democrats say the country off on the wrong track, while seven in 10 independents agree.

That level of anger about the country's direction is unusual considering how many Americans say they're happy with the state of the U.S. economy. (Fifty-five percent say it's in a state of recovery.) But Trump's radical, hateful agenda seems to overshadow that.

Democrats enjoy a gigantic 15-point advantage in the Suffolk poll when asked which party voters will support in November.

"A 15-point lead in the generic ballot — that's a Democratic House, without a doubt," said David Wasserman, an analyst with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report told USA Today. "That would be a big wave."

In fact, the Cook Political Report recently updated the status of 21 House races and moved the needle in all 21 races in the direction of Democrats.

If Republicans lose 24 seats this November, Democrat will regain control of the chamber.

More bad polling for Trump and the GOP on Thursday came when a new Pew Research Center poll found that, if elections were held today Millennial voters would back Democrats by a whopping 33 points.

Meanwhile, 62 percent of millennials say they're looking forward to the midterms, up from 42 percent who felt that way in 2014. And overall, just 27 percent approve of Trump.

November is going to be a referendum on Trump.