Mika and Joe respond to Trump's sexist attack: 'He attacks women. Because he fears women.'


MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski is fine. But she's concerned for our country.

MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough were supposed to be on vacation. But Donald Trump's vile tweets attacking her came in the final moments of their Thursday broadcast, and they would not leave town without responding forcefully.

In a jointly penned Washington Post op-ed, titled "The President is not well," they laid out their concerns for how Trump's behavior impacts the country. As they further elucidated at the top of this Friday morning's broadcast, they are not concerned about themselves. They are concerned about how America is perceived by the world, Trump's state of mind, and his obsessive and vicious treatment of women — that is blatantly different from how he treats and talks about men.

MIKA: You know what, I think it's been fascinating. And frightening and really sad for our country. I mean, I've been getting a lot of texts and hearing you all talking. Thank you. I'm fine. My family brought me up really tough. This is absolutely nothing. For me, personally. But I am very concerned as to what this once again reveals about the President of the United States. It's strange.

JOE: Yeah. I think so. We had so many people saying I hope you're okay. I had calls and texts and e-mails. We're okay. The country is not. It's so funny. Yesterday, I actually asked Mika. It was 8:45 -- I know this shocks you but I said I'm tired. Everybody came in and ran and showed me the tweets before she came downstairs and I looked at them. I was like this has to be a joke. the President of the United States as bad as he's been in the past, he really hasn't really gone over the cliff. Then, unfortunately, we learned what we've always learned. That is that he for some reason takes things so much more personally with women. He's so much more vicious with women.

I never told the story, but a very well-known congressman who went over to the White House with 20 other members when the president was pitching House members to get through the House said that he went on this rant about "Morning Joe" in front of 20 Members of Congress while he was trying to pitch the health care bill. And went on and on and on and sort of just brushed me aside, "he's a joke, he's a joke." But then this senior member that everybody knows, said "I just — I've never made a call like this. I've been in politics my whole life. I actually — he scared me, because he was vicious when he turned from you to Mika. His face was red. He started talking about blood coming out of her ears, out of her eyes." And this congressman said, "I've been in politics for decades, and never seen anything like this. He said I don't even know why i'm calling you, but I was just scared. I was scared for you guys, and I wanted you to know."

And for some reason, we've seen this time and time again with Mika. I will insult him over the Muslim ban or say he's a racist. I'll say he's a racist with what he said about David Duke. All these things through the year, and for some reason, he always goes after Mika. And it's always personal with Mika. And he packed about five lies into the tweets which very productive two tweets to pack five or six lies into two tweets, but yesterday was another example of how deeply personal he is. He attacks women, because he fears women.

MIKA: He has a fixation.

Brzezinski went on to make an important point about the consequence's of Trump's behavior with our allies and enemies.

"He's so easily played by a cable news host," she said. "Now, what is that saying to our allies? What is that saying to our enemies? That this president is so easily played?"

A strong woman has exposed a petulant man's tremendous weakness. Trump is not strong. He is weak. And his weakness is endangering America.