Fox's Mike Huckabee pushes GOP to use police in war on FBI


Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee went on air to push Trump and the GOP to use police against the FBI — knowing full well Trump takes his governing cues from their network.

In the latest installment of Fox News' war on the FBI, contributor Mike Huckabee suggested on air that Republicans use the Capitol police against the FBI as the agency conducts its ongoing investigation of the Trump administration.

Huckabee — former governor of Arkansas, failed presidential candidate, and father of Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders — made his dangerous statement on the pro-Trump network Thursday morning.

Huckabee joined Fox host Bill Hemmer to discuss attempts by Trump loyalists in Congress to characterize the probe — which has already lead to several convictions — as an unfair exercise. Of course, Huckabee agreed.

He told Hemmer that to expedite release of the documents, "Maybe [GOP congressmen] should have gotten the Capitol police to go over to the FBI and conducted the same kind of raid on the FBI that the FBI went and conducted on Michael Cohen, the president's private attorney."

Fox has gone all-in to assist Trump's war on the FBI, ratcheting up public pressure on him to go after the agency, while also demonizing its work and the work of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Just yesterday, former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, also a Fox contributor, compared the raid on the offices of Trump attorney Michael Cohen to Josef Stalin and the Gestapo.

Both Huckabee and Gingrich make their incendiary, inflammatory comments with the public knowledge that Trump takes many of his cues on how to govern from the television network.

He schedules hours of his presidential schedule on "executive time," where he absorbs the network's right-wing propaganda in bulk. Trump then often boosts the network on Twitter and echoes their conspiracies and oddball ideas.

Suggestions made on Fox with an eye toward influencing Trump are not being made in a vacuum. Republicans are aware that Trump is flirting with creating a Constitutional crisis as a way of avoiding the fallout from the Mueller investigation.

Fox News' crew is baiting Trump and his Republican Party loyalists to go to extremes in a misguided attempt to defend the administration. Inflamed rhetoric from the father of his press secretary is just the latest example of the network playing a dangerous game.