Mike Huckabee desperately attacks country music fans as 'the left'


Huckabee thinks opposing his bigotry is "intolerant."

After being forced out of the Country Music Awards Foundation's (CMAF) board, Mike Huckabee is whining that it's "the left" that cruelly punished him for his bigotry.

In an interview with "Fox & Friends" Monday morning, Huckabee was asked about his resignation from the board, which came after an intense backlash from country music fans and industry figures over Huckabee's bigotry and support for the NRA.

"The new direction of the left is, in the name of tolerance, be intolerant, in the name of love, hate people, and in the name of diversity, demand conformity," Huckabee said.

In reference to losing his CMAF position, Huckabee whined, "It's all about destroying the other side, rather than disagreeing with the other side. That's not the kind of America where the First Amendment reigns, and people are free to speak, associate."

Setting aside the absurd "logic" that opposition to bigotry is "intolerant," or that speaking out against bigotry is suppression of free speech, or that the First Amendment requires CMAF to promote bigotry by keeping him, Huckabee just plain has his facts wrong.

Americans overwhelmingly reject Huckabee's bigoted views on marriage and adoption, overwhelmingly reject the NRA's extremism on guns, and overwhelmingly reject the racist president that Huckabee supports.

It is Mike Huckabee who exists on an extremist fringe of hate, a fact which he inadvertently acknowledged when he told "Fox & Friends" that his fans' reaction to his resignation was to attack and threaten the wrong guy.

People who reject bigotry and gun violence aren't on "the left," they are everywhere, even at country music concerts.