White House charged taxpayers $325,000 for Pence's racist NFL stunt


Mike Pence's phony protest at an NFL game, which was designed to whip up racist sentiment and raise money for Trump's re-election, cost taxpayers even more than was first reported.

New documents reveal that Mike Pence's ridiculous and racist stunt at an NFL game cost the American taxpayers even more than was initially reported.

At least $325,000 in public money was spent on the phony public display — nearly $100,000 more than previous estimates.

Pence traveled to an Indianapolis Colts game in October 2017 and left in a manufactured huff after players knelt during the national anthem. NFL players have been respectfully protesting police brutality against blacks and other minorities, much to the chagrin of Trump and other racists.

In a bid to appeal to those racists who vote, Pence said he left the game because he and Trump "will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem."

But Pence leaving the game wasn't a spontaneous, emotional response, as he tried to make it seem. In fact, it was planned in advance.

Trump's re-election campaign then quickly used the event to fundraise.

And taxpayers financed the entire enterprise. Records from the Secret Service show that over $75,000 was spent on hotels, travel, and other security concerns. Another $250,000 was spent on Air Force Two to ferry Pence back and forth for the game.

The Huffington Post notes that additional funds were spent for "local law enforcement, an extra ambulance and extra trauma teams at the local hospitals." The cost for local help was even higher than usual because it was a Sunday, and overtime pay was required.

The Trump team is heavily invested in stoking racist resentments, and Trump has repeatedly attacked black NFL players and their quiet protests as part of this effort.

Pence is complicit in Trump's exploitation of racism — and he's wasting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to do it.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.