Protesters shame Pence over Trump's cruel separation of families


Mike Pence's event, which was designed to praise the Trump tax cut scam, got ruined by protesters who called him out for his role in Trump's anti-family immigration campaign.

Mike Pence's attempt to take credit for the Trump administration's tax cut scam was interrupted by protesters standing up to the policy of forcibly removing immigrant children from their families.

Pence visited Ohio to deliver a speech to America First Policies, a pro-Trump propaganda group that has been dogged by a series of racist controversies.

As he spoke, protesters rose up, chanting and holding signs in protest of the cruel family separation policy initiated by Trump.

In a departure from how things used to be handled, Trump has initiated a "zero tolerance" approach that has led to nearly 2,000 children being taken from their families.

Pence's role in enabling the abuse of families is notable in large part thanks to his role as Trump's senior apologist to religious voters. Since being selected as his running mate, Pence has argued that Trump is faithful and of the same compassionate world view as religious voters.

But the child separation policy has been strongly opposed and condemned by the faithful.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, recently said, "Separating babies from their mothers is not the answer and is immoral."

As has so often been the case, when those he claims to champion are under fire, Pence has stood with those doing harm.

During the speech, Pence was also heckled by supporters of LGBT equality. Pence has been a strong advocate of discrimination against the LGBT community.

He infamously signed the venomously pro-discrimination "religious freedom" act when he was governor of Indiana and faced nationwide condemnation for doing so.

The protests at the tax scam speech show that the systematic abuse of immigrant children is not a violation for which the Trump team will escape scrutiny.

Figures like Pence will be loudly and publicly opposed for what they chose to do to these children.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.