Mike Pence to meet with House GOP to strategize Obamacare repeal


As I have predicted, Vice-President-elect Mike Pence will serve as the liaison between the Trump White House and Congressional Republicans. His first order of business: Huddle with House Republicans to strategize repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Mike Pence, veep-elect and former Congressman, is emerging as the most powerful vice-president ever.

I have repeatedly urged maintaining focus on Pence, and the bridge-building between the White House and the GOP Congressional majority with which he would certainly be tasked.

And here we are: On the second day of the new Congress, Pence will head to the Hill to "rally House Republicans Wednesday morning on a plan to repeal Obamacare."

Pence will meet with the full House Republican Conference to talk about the party’s plan to dismantle Obama’s signature health care law, according to a House Republican leadership aide.

During the campaign, there was much curiosity about how Donald Trump, who has very little interest or expertise in policy, would work effectively with a Republican Congress to enact a sweeping conservative agenda.

The answer is Mike Pence.

And he is wasting no time in building a bridge between the White House and Capitol Hill, in order to begin dismantling everything President Obama has accomplished.