Minutes after saying he's hard at work, Trump goes to his golf club for the 50th time


Trump and his White House have repeatedly insisted he will be hard at work during his Thanksgiving vacation in Florida, which of course means he's hitting the links again.

In addition to his demand on Wednesday morning that Americans give thanks to him, Trump wants America to know that right now, he is not simply on yet another vacation at his Florida resort.

No, he is working incredibly hard.

Trump's press office also insisted to reporters that he will be hard at work the day before Thanksgiving. After the White House press pool reported on Wednesday, at 7:56 a.m., that Trump would be having a “low-key day,” a correction issued 10 minutes later clarified, "While the White House communications staff expects the press pool to have a ‘low-key day,’ the president will NOT have a low-key day and has a full schedule of meetings and phone calls."

And then, the White House press pool reported, Trump headed to his golf course:

At 9:26 AM the motorcade arrived at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. The pool will be holding at a public library across the street.

Uneventful ride over, no protesters spotted.

The pool has not seen POTUS this morning.

Less than 90 minutes after insisting that he is hard at work, Trump is now at his private golf course in West Palm Beach, with no reporter access, to kick off his “full schedule of meetings and phone calls.”

By CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller’s count, this is the 50th time since taking office that Trump has gone to a golf course.

Trump has famously spent an enormous amount of his presidency on the golf course — specifically, golf courses owned by his business, thus bringing enormous attention and free advertising to his own properties. He has raked up enormous bills to the Secret Service and the Coast Guard working security detail for all these trips, even charging them for using his golf carts.

Before becoming president, Trump famously laid into President Barack Obama — who took far fewer golf trips — for playing more golf “than Tiger Woods.” Trump then ironically went on to actually play golf with Tiger Woods while he was supposed to be working on the campaign transition.

Trump’s idea of working hard seems to be taking a day off on the golf course. That is not America’s idea of hard work. Trump needs to spend his time working for us.