GOP speaker slams her own party for 'sophomoric clownishness'


"The past two years have felt like a Twilight Zone episode," said Mona Charen.

Fresh off her appearance at a conservative conference where she was roundly booed for daring to criticize Trump, columnist Mona Charen on Monday lamented the "creeping clownishness" that's become so prevalent within the conservative movement.

"There’s this ethic, this mood of trolling the opposition, that if you can create liberal tears, then anything goes," Charen said while appearing on "Morning Joe."

"They think this is a game. It’s not. It’s not a game."


Charen is a lifelong conservative who worked in the Reagan White House and then as a speechwriter for Rep. Jack Kemp's 1988 presidential campaign before becoming a columnist. She made headlines over the weekend while appearing on a #MeToo movement panel at the Conservative Political Action conference.

Unlike most participants, Charen turned her scorn on the White House: "I am disappointed in people on our side for being hypocrites about sexual harassers and abusers of women, who are in our party, who are sitting in the White House, who brag about their extramarital affairs, who brag about mistreating women—and because he happens to have an ‘R’ next to his name we look the other way."

As her fellow Republican panelists squirmed, Charen also denounced the GOP's endorsement of Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race after he had been accused on molesting young girls: "You cannot claim that you stand for women and put up with that."

Immediately following the panel's conclusion, and after Charen had been yelled at by audience members, she was quickly surrounded by security guards who feared for her safety and hustled her out of the building.

Addressing the persistent "sophomoric clownishness" that dominates the GOP in the age of Trump, Charen, in a piece for the New York Times, lamented how so many of her conservative colleagues have simply capitulated to the new brand of stupidity. She called out the "fools, frauds and fascists" who promote it.

"The past two years have felt like a Twilight Zone episode," she wrote. "Politicians, activists and intellectuals have succumbed with numbing regularity, betraying every principle they once claimed to uphold."

The Republican Party is imploding and even its own members are crying foul.