News anchors shame Don Jr. for pushing vicious lies about teens


MSNBC's Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle called out Donald Trump Jr. after he backed conspiracy theories and lies designed to smear the teenagers protesting to end gun violence.

Donald Trump Jr.'s endorsement of smears against the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre was called out by a pair of MSNBC anchors.

Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle laid out how Trump Jr. "liked" several posts from conservative news sites that falsely alleged students protesting to end gun violence were fake.

"This is literally fake news," Velshi explained, noting that sites like Gateway Pundit made up stories attacking the teens even as they received passes to cover the Trump White House.

Velshi also singled out Infowars, the site run by conspiracy theorist and Trump ally Alex Jones, for publishing a fake story attacking the young activists.

"If Donald Trump Jr. sees this at some point, or you know Donald Trump Jr., please tell him next time to think about hitting the like button undermining the credibility of children who have just experienced unimaginable horror, a shooting at their school, and the death of their friends," Velshi said.

They then played an interview with Sam Fuentes, a senior at Stoneman Douglas, with visible injuries she suffered during the shooting.

"You cannot look me in the face and tell me what happened isn't real," said Fuentes.

Ruhle asked, "Should we apologize that these high school students are articulate? Are mature? And are passionate? I think that's what we want of our young people."

What was once the sort of content generally confined to the fringes has been granted legitimacy through the Trump family. Donald Trump appeared on Jones' program during the 2016 campaign and has reportedly kept in contact with the conspiracy theorist while in the White House.

Trump, his sons, and their underlings have repeatedly promoted these websites and their completely made up stories. They have a similar relationship with racist outlets.

The lies and smears against the teenagers speaking up about gun violence have been given a much wider and dangerous audience thanks to the Trumps, and now the backlash for doing so is increasing.