MSNBC breaks into Barr hearing for second time in an hour: 'He's lying'


MSNBC had to interrupt the hearing with Attorney General William Barr again to tell viewers that Barr was lying.

It's rare these days for news organizations to come out and accuse people of lying.

But Wednesday's hearing with Attorney General William Barr was filled with so much egregious lying from Barr himself that MSNBC felt the need to break into its programming twice in the span of one hour to inform viewers that they were being lied to.

"I'm not going to dance around this: He's lying," anchor Nicolle Wallace said of Barr and his testimony. "He's lying about what the Mueller report finds around one of the critical flashpoints in the obstruction investigation."


Wallace laid out the incidents Barr was lying about, which included the time Trump sought to have Mueller fired — an incident that amounts to one of many of Trump's obstruction of justice attempts that Mueller laid out in his report.

Wallace read directly from Mueller's report about the incident, in which she points out that Mueller's report clearly states Trump wanted Mueller fired, not removed.

Barr equivocated on that point during his testimony, splitting hairs about why Trump wanted Mueller removed — as if that mattered at all.

"He's quibbling with whether removing Mueller and firing him is the same thing," Wallace says of Barr.

"I think we've got an attorney general lying about what is in the Mueller report around what was one of the most investigated flash points in the obstruction investigation," Wallace said. "And my question, again, is why?"

That answer, however, is pretty clear: Barr is trying to protect Trump at all costs.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.