MSNBC host nails Nunes on failed memo: “The saddest, most tired … victory lap” in history


Devin Nunes promised a fireworks show — but he couldn't even deliver a spark.

MSNBC's Ari Melber nailed House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes on Friday after he appeared on Fox News to discuss his failed memo stunt, calling Nunes' appearance "the saddest, most tired, most ... blasé victory lap I've seen in the history of modern televised politics."

Melber's comments came just hours after Nunes released his overhyped "memo," which he and his Republican allies paraded to the public as a Watergate-sized scandal — only to be embarrassed when it turned out to be a complete flop.

Not only was the memo devoid of any actual evidence of wrongdoing, but it is a political mess for the GOP, and it played into the hands of everyone who suspects Trump and his allies may be committing obstruction of justice.

One person however, seems in complete denial about how big a mistake the Nunes memo was: Nunes.

Following the memo’s release, Nunes appeared on Fox News to play up his self-declared accomplishment, but confessed he had not even read the intelligence off of which the memo was supposed to have been based.

“The agreement that we made with the Department of Justice was to create a reading room and allow one member and two investigators to go over and review the documents," Nunes explained.

He continued, dryly laying out the procedural details — and completely skipping over the content of the memo.

Melber was completely unimpressed by this display, and had a few choice, withering words after watching Nunes' appearance on Fox.

“I’m going to talk to you for a second about what that interview clip looked like,” said Melber, “because if that is the televised victory lap for Devin Nunes, that might be the saddest, most tired, most kind of just blasé victory lap I've seen in the history of modern televised politics.”

Though Nunes may not realize it, or may simply be unwilling to admit it, the tide is beginning to turn against him on Capitol Hill. Even House Speaker Paul Ryan, who spent months staunchly defending Nunes despite accusations he was unethically coordinating with the White House on the Russia investigation, admitted that he did not support Nunes’ decision to block a memo from ranking Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff rebutting his claims.

He is not faring well in his California district, where he has been too scared to hold a town hall and recently came under fire from his hometown newspaper. Even before this controversy, the most recent poll put him up by only single digits, underperforming his district’s partisan lean.

And now, the bad publicity from his flagrant abuse of the House Intelligence Committee may make things even worse for him.

Nunes should enjoy his time in the limelight, because one way or another, it will come to an end soon.