Three of Mueller's witnesses say Jeff Sessions lied to Congress


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a lot to answer for, and almost no one on his side.

Trump spent his weekend assailing special counsel Robert Mueller. But the investigation just ramped up again as three witnesses claim Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to Congress.

In November, Sessions testified that he "pushed back" against former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos' proposal for the campaign to work with the Russians. But in the same breath, he also denied even remembering that the meeting with Papadopoulos took place.

And in a new report from Reuters, three witnesses who have spoken to either Mueller's team or congressional investigators challenged Sessions' claims.

"Three people who attended the March campaign meeting told Reuters they gave their version of events to FBI agents or congressional investigators probing Russian interference in the 2016 election," Reuters reports.

"Although the accounts they provided to Reuters differed in certain respects, all threes, who declined to be identified, said Sessions had expressed no objections to Papadopoulos’ idea."

That leaves only Sessions himself and one other former Trump campaign adviser, J.D. Gordon, to back up the claim. Notably, both men failed to disclose meetings with the Russians until they were pressured to do so.

In fact, Sessions has already lied to Congress on at least three other occasions. And even former Trump campaign crony Carter Page shot down his dishonesty in the past.

Now, it appears that he could be in Mueller's sights for at least one of those four lies.

For an already-desperate Trump, it means that yet another of his top officials has more on his mind than protecting Trump from Mueller. And Mueller just keeps going — despite Trump's increasingly unhinged demands.