Nancy Pelosi stole the show at Trump's State of the Union


Nancy Pelosi's shade-filled clap overshadowed Trump's second State of the Union.

Trump is making Nancy Pelosi great again.

While Trump sought to be the star Tuesday night with his dark and racist State of the Union address, it was Pelosi who actually stole the show — achieving viral success with her golf clap laced with shade and mockery.

That clap was the most memorable moment from Trump's speech, which was filled with the same tired arguments for his unpopular border wall and half-baked calls for unity.

Ultimately, a month since regaining control of the Speaker's gavel, Pelosi is riding high.

She's fresh off a victory during the government shutdown, in which she forced Trump to reopen the government without giving him any money for the wall.

In fact, Pelosi's refusal to allow Trump to give a State of the Union address during the government shutdown may be what drove Trump to drop his wall demand and open the government in the first place.

Pelosi's victories have helped her achieve an 8-point boost in her favorability rating, which now stands at its highest point since the early days of her first speakership run in April 2007, according to a CNN poll released Monday.

Her newfound star seems to be hurting Trump's ego.

Trump failed to congratulate her on winning the speakership in his speech Tuesday night, bucking years of tradition.

And now that she overshadowed his precious television airtime, his ego likely took another large hit.

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