Speaker Pelosi slams Trump for obstructing justice on a 'daily basis'


Trump is now breaking the law every day of his presidency.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called out Trump for obstructing justice every single day that he refuses to comply with congressional oversight of his presidency.

Trump "has demonstrated on a daily basis his obstruction of justice," Pelosi told reporters on Monday night.

After years of Republicans covering for Trump's corruption, Democrats have been fulfilling their constitutional duty by trying to get to the bottom of his activities, which may be unethical or even illegal.

Committees are investigating Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice in the Mueller probe, his White House aiding breaches of national security by granting security clearances, and an attempt to rig the Census with a racist citizenship question to help the GOP, among other issues.

Several congressional committees have been forced to issue subpoenas in an attempt to obtain documents and the testimony of witnesses from Trump's White House, his campaign, and his administration. But Trump and his team have made it clear that they will defy any attempts at congressional oversight. They have directed current and former aides and officials not to comply with requests or even subpoenas.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings recently warned these aides not to get "swept up in the obstruction schemes of the Trump Administration" as a result. Democratic lawmakers are considering many options to enforce these subpoenas, which could even include jail time for aides who do not comply.

The stonewalling from Trump on these key topics and his decision to enlist his underlings in the crusade have led some Democrats to openly state that they might have no choice but to impeach Trump for his continued obstruction. That's in addition to the many instances of attempted obstruction of justice that were detailed in the Mueller report.

For the first two years of Trump's time in office, he was able to largely avoid scrutiny and oversight, thanks to Republican control of Congress. But now that Democrats control the House, and the various committees charged with oversight of the executive branch, that is no longer possible. And, as Pelosi noted, every day that Trump tries to prevent Congress from doing its job is a day that he continues to engage in potentially illegal behavior and could face even greater consequences for it.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.