National Cathedral humiliates Trump over his lie about McCain's funeral


The National Cathedral said it didn't need Trump's approval to host the late Sen. John McCain's funeral, despite Trump's claim that he deserved credit for it.

Trump on Wednesday demanded praise for what he claimed was his generosity surrounding the late Sen. John McCain's funeral, and complained that no one thanked him for approving McCain's funeral requests.

However, it seems Trump deserves no praise at all — because his approval was not required at all for McCain's viewings and funeral services.

A spokesperson for the National Cathedral told reporter Jon-Christopher Bua: "Sen. McCain’s funeral did not need presidential approval.”

Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire also said Wednesday night on MSNBC that McCain's funeral proceedings at the Arizona state capitol, the U.S. Capitol, and the National Cathedral did not require Trump's sign off.

"It wasn't something he gave to John McCain," Lemire said. "Congress decides who lies in state. The National Cathedral presides over the services. The state of Arizona took care of what happened there for McCain. What the president did do was arrange for military transport for McCain's body from Arizona to Washington. ... So yes, he played a role, but he didn't take care of the whole thing."

Trump, of course, was also extremely petty in the immediate aftermath of McCain's death.

He initially refused to order U.S. flags to fly at half-staff to honor McCain, and had to be shamed into reversing that position.

Trump also refused to put out a statement praising McCain's service to the country after he died.

Now, seven months after McCain's death, Trump is still bizarrely attacking McCain, while at the same time demanding praise for his conduct surrounding the Arizona Republican's passing.

It's just a reminder that there's no limit to Trump's massive ego and narcissistic tendencies.

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