The NRA is so broke it can't afford free coffee for the office anymore


The NRA's money troubles mean no more coffee for its employees. It's been a very bad year for them.

The NRA is capping off a horrible year by cutting employees off from free coffee and watercoolers at its headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, the Trace reports.

"The coffee cutback is the just latest indication that the NRA is hurting for cash," the sit wrote. NRA sources confirmed "the whole building is freaking out."

There hasn't been much good news for the NRA lately. They face a cash crunch and pulled back on spending in the 2018 midterm elections. Many of their chosen candidates lost in the election, especially to Democratic gun safety advocates.

The Trace notes that some of the money shortages can be connected to the group losing revenue when, inspired by the survivors of the Parkland shooting, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed state offices to evaluate its financial ties to the NRA.

A former staffer told the outlet that money is being drained from day-to-day operations to push the NRA's lobbying arm (NRA-ILA), because the organization needs that money "to be able to push the agenda."

The NRA has seen membership revenue drop $35 million in a year and has recently instituted a dues increase. Meanwhile, the group has been attacking teenage gun massacre survivors and doctors, prompting a groundswell of grassroots outrage.

Russia was one of the NRA's major sources of funding during the 2016 election cycle as the organization backed Trump, but now that money pipeline is under investigation as well.

Before, NRA employees had their free coffee to keep them going throughout the day as they advocated against gun safety. Now, thanks to their own actions and a rising tide against gun violence, they merely have "thoughts and prayers" as they stare into their empty cups.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.