New poll shows 2018 will be a total disaster in every way possible for Trump and Republicans


Newly released survey results show giant swaths of America rejecting the narrow path Donald Trump and his Republican allies have chosen to travel.

A new poll shows huge swaths of the American public absolutely shunning Donald Trump and the Republican Party. The release from Quinnipiac University continues a theme that has thrown cold water on the right less than two weeks into the year, with midterm elections looming.

Immigration policy, the border wall, marijuana policy, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the tax plan, how to deal with North Korea, and even Trump's tweets were polled. And in every case, the result was lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, and lose for the Trump administration and their Republican enablers and allies.

While Trump is embracing his distaste for Latinos — the issue he used to launch his presidential campaign — in pushing to punish Dreamers who were protected by DACA, America completely rejects the Republican approach, with 79 percent of voters pushing for them to remain in America and be given a path to citizenship.

Yet Republicans in Congress, representing Trump's strongest regions of the country, continue to ignore the will of the people on this issue.

The decision to turn back the dial on how America deals with marijuana is also being met with resistance. America is a long way away from the marijuana-free world dreamed up by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In the new poll, 58 percent of voters say marijuana should be made legal, and a whopping 91 percent believe it should be legalized for medicinal purposes.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, made note of the stark reality for team Trump in a press release: "The message to Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Hands off."

Whether it is about marijuana policy, his embrace of a racist approach to the law, or his zeal to weaponize the government and go after Democrats, people don't like Sessions. In the poll, voters had a 47-14 percent unfavorable opinion of him.

The GOP tax plan also got hammered by voters, showing what a mistake it was for Republicans to shove the legislation — crafted in secret by lobbyists — down the throat of the public. Fifty two percent of voters said they disapprove of the plan, and 66 percent of voters accurately assessed that the wealthy will benefit the most from the legislation.

With numbers like that, the flood of Republicans choosing not to run for re-election as they face a blue wave of voters and Trump dragging them down makes a lot of sense.

The poll also shows Trump has little support for his approach to dealing with North Korea. Trump's childish taunts of "rocket man" have helped to absolutely erode confidence in his ability to handle issues related to North Korea as a nuclear power. Sixty one percent of respondents said they do not have confidence in him to deal with the region.

Americans also said they want him to stop tweeting. Sixty nine percent of Americans, and even a plurality of Republicans — 49 percent — said he should do away with the tweeting habit.

But he won't. And he is unlikely to follow the American people on any of the other issues they care about, because doing the right thing isn't in Trump's character — which is why he is one of the least popular presidents in American history despite not having served even a full year in office.