North Korea humiliates Trump even more with secret nuclear production


A new assessment reveals North Korea is ramping up the production of fuel used for nuclear weapons.

North Korea is increasing nuclear production at its secret sites — after Trump gave the rogue nation a propaganda coup and declared it was no longer a nuclear threat.

NBC News reports that U.S. intelligence agencies say North Korea has ramped up production of fuel for nuclear weapons. The outlet spoke to "more than a dozen American officials" familiar with the top secret assessments, and all agree that North Korea's actions are showing up Trump's empty rhetoric.

Trump canceled training exercises put in place to show America's support for South Korea, who tops the list of nations threatened by Kim Jong Un's autocratic regime. The decision was a major concession to the North, with nothing given to America or its allies in exchange.

After the meeting, where Trump saluted a North Korean general in a departure from accepted protocol, he declared that the country was "no longer a nuclear threat."

One official who has seen the latest assessments explained to NBC, "there's no evidence that they are decreasing stockpiles, or that they have stopped their production."

In recent days the Trump administration itself, as part of a regular series of reports to Congress, admitted that North Korea remains a threat to the world. Trump's claims about the issue have simply turned out to be lies.

Trump handed North Korea a major victory, elevating the outsider nation to a level where its dictator was given equal billing with the American president, and for nothing.

Dealing with serious issues like North Korea and a potential nuclear war requires planning and understanding.

Before the meeting, Trump said he was prepared and would use "my touch, my feel" to ensure that Kim would be up front in his negotiations with the United States.

It was clear right away Trump was not up to the task, and that the world would suffer for it. Now the evidence is showing the level of danger has increased, while Trump just continues to issue meaningless spin designed to elevate himself.

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