Trump wants taxpayers to pay for lavish hotel room for North Korea


American taxpayers could soon be on the hook for an expensive five-star hotel room for North Korea's Kim Jong Un, if Trump has his way.

The Trump administration is working behind the scenes to have American taxpayers foot the hotel bill for North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

The Washington Post reports that North Korea is demanding that a room be secured for the dictator at the five-star Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. The paper notes that a presidential suite at the property "costs more than $6,000 per night."

Despite North Korea's standing, administration sources told the Post that "the United States is open to covering the costs" of the hotel room.

The position comes as it is clear that Trump is desperate for the on-again summit to occur.

He warmly greeted North Korea's former spy chief to the White House and avoided bringing up human rights, despite worldwide condemnation of the nation's behavior.

Instead he posed with Kim Yong Chol in front of the Oval Office portrait of Thomas Jefferson, along with an oversized envelope.

As America antagonizes its longtime allies and enters a trade war with them, he appears dead-set on giving North Korea multiple propaganda coups.

The regime understands that Trump responds positively to flattery and lavish praise, and in the tense give and take of international diplomacy, such openings are exploited.

Getting taxpayers to pay for luxury accommodations for Kim Jong Un makes a mockery of Trump's previous claims that America has to be "strong" in international diplomacy. It's a weak move in what is gearing up to be a series of weak moves.