North Korea humiliates Trump with movie about failed summit


Trump is now the star of a propaganda film made for North Korean state media after his failed summit.

North Korea has produced a feature-length propaganda movie starring Trump propping up their rogue regime in the latest embarrassing fallout from the failed Hanoi summit.

South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reports that the outcast nation has produced a 75-minute film about the summit that aired on the state-run Korean Central TV. Korean Central TV is the only official source of television news in North Korea and serves to prop up Kim Jong Un's dictatorship.

The film highlights Trump's decision to elevate the regime and directly negotiate with them, praising him for his "willingness to meet with Chairman Kim Jong-un more often in order to bring about fruits in improving the North Korea-U.S. relations."

Yonhap notes the film includes footage of when "Trump patted Kim on the arm while the North Korean leader smiled." It also shows Trump glad-handing with North Korea's foreign minister and one of Kim's top aides.

The film is more evidence that Trump continues to be played for a fool by North Korea.

After the botched summit, satellite images were published that show renewed activity at the Tongchang-ri satellite launch facility, which had been dormant since August of 2018.

Trump has continued to claim that his diplomatic efforts have reduced the threat from North Korea to America's allies like South Korea and Japan, as well as to the United States. But again and again, the regime continues to pursue its nuclear ambitions while Trump makes one mistake after another.

In the last summit, which also failed to produce an agreement that would denuclearize North Korea, Trump was seen saluting a general from the country's oppressive military, which helped to give the pariah nation another propaganda coup.

Through Trump's actions, America has elevated a nation that has been ostracized by most of the free world for their oppressive and aggressive stances. Instead of using American diplomatic weight to make the region and the world safer, Trump has served as a backdrop for the legitimization of North Korea.

Trump for many years played the part of a businessman on a television show, while in reality he was a serial failure. Now he has a starring role in the propaganda for a criminal regime.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.