NRA shill Dana Loesch steals rallying cry of teenage shooting survivors


The NRA's spokesperson couldn't come up with words of her own, so she stole the rallying cry of the Florida teens pushing for gun reform.

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch stole the rallying cry of Emma Gonzalez, one of the teenage survivors of the massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida to attack politicians pushing for reform.

Loesch warmed up the crowd at the annual right-wing convention CPAC ahead of her boss, NRA president Wayne LaPierre.

Loesch railed against politicians she claimed were "exploiting a tragedy for an agenda."

"We call B.S.!" she shouted.

The term originated from the impassioned speech Gonzalez gave after the shooting at a rally for gun control.

"Politicians who sit in their gilded House and Senate seats funded by the NRA telling us nothing could have been done to prevent this, we call B.S.," Gonzalez said.

It was an accurate accusation, calling out the NRA and its advocacy for doing nothing time and again in the face of gun violence.

The NRA spokesperson was not nearly as fiery and venomous when she had to face Gonzalez face to face at CNN's town hall on the topic of the shooting the night before.

Instead, when asked if her organization would support a ban on the purchase of semi-automatic weapons, Loesch attempted to filibuster the teen with a monologue about safety.

Cowardly as always, the NRA's spokesperson returned to her standard position in the safe space of CPAC, where she would not be challenged to defend the indefensible. She attacked the media and gun control advocates and showed no remorse for the violence her organization has enabled.

Using Gonzalez's battle cry to attack those trying to make the country safer is a sign of how potent the teenage survivors' message has been. Even the NRA wants to be as strong as them.

But as Loesch's rhetoric shows, they just end up failing.