NRA sponsors YouTube conspiracies attacking shooting survivors


The NRA is sponsoring conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who claims the Parkland survivors are phonies and alleged that the Sandy Hook massacre didn't happen.

The NRA is one of the few organizations left propping up conspiracy theorist Alex Jones after an exodus of advertisers from his YouTube channel.

Jones, one of the best known conspiracy theorists in America, is taking NRA ad money to finance the spread of his inane beliefs and attacks, most recently against survivors of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Jones has been one of the louder sources pushing the absurd conspiracy theory that the teenage survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting are "crisis actors." For him, the outspoken children advocating for gun reform are supposedly "Democratic Party operatives" that are being "scripted."

And Jones' conspiracy theories have applied to multiple school shootings, which he likes to describe as "false flag" attacks designed to aid the passage of restrictive gun laws.

After the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, Jones said the shooting was a "fake" and a "giant hoax." Dismissing the heartbreaking loss of life, he has argued that the shooting was a "manufactured" event.

In recent years, Jones' show has been elevated through an appearance by Trump during the campaign, and he has indicated that he has been in frequent contact with Trump since Trump was sworn in as president.

But in the last few days, several major, blue-chip companies have blocked their ads from running alongside Jones' conspiracy videos. That includes organizations like Nike, 20th Century Fox, Acer, Expedia, and Paramount.

The NRA is standing by Jones, however, handing money to a man who has made crazy assertions his stock in trade for decades.

This falls in line with the years the NRA spent furthering the false notion that Democratic politicians like Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama wanted to destroy Second Amendment rights. Similar to Jones, the NRA has used such fear-mongering to raise money and scare up sales of guns in advance of gun confiscation that never happens.

Jones is one of the self-described "founding fathers" of the 9/11 conspiracy movement, which has argued that the terrorist attacks were a staged event executed by the U.S. government. He has said he believes that a shadowy cabal known as the "New World Order" controls world events, beliefs that have been echoed by Trump's claims of a "Deep State" undermining his presidency.

Now, there is a financial link between the NRA and Alex Jones, both working on the same team with Trump against keeping America safe from gun violence.