Nunes flees hometown farm show when questioned about FBI smear memo


The embattled House Intelligence chairman did not find a friendly audience back home in the Central Valley.

House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes is facing growing hostility back in his home district in California, where he fled the room at a farm show rather than answer his constituents' angry questions.

Nunes has been roundly discredited and ridiculed following the release of his FBI smear memo, especially after he admitted he did not even read the intelligence on which the memo was based.

Despite Trump's attempts to help him by blocking the release of the Democratic memo debunking the smears, and despite Nunes going so far as to create his own fake news website defending his actions, his constituents are pointedly unhappy with their congressman.


That hostility became apparent on Tuesday, when Nunes visited the World Ag Expo in his Central Valley hometown of Tulare.

He was immediately greeted with protestors from the local Democratic Party, and after only a short appearance, fled the event pursued by people demanding answers about the attacks he and Trump have unleashed on the FBI.

"Congressman, any update on the Democratic memo?" one man asked as Nunes wordlessly pushed past people on his way to the exit. "Congressman, do you have a moment for a question?"

Followed all the way down the hall, Nunes never acknowledged anyone and disappeared through the exit.

Shortly after the recording of Nunes went online, his Democratic opponent, Fresno prosecutor Andrew Janz, was quick to comment.

Nunes is likely unaccustomed to facing genuine pressure. He represents a district which is normally deep red, and he has not held a town hall meeting with his constituents since 2010.

But the most recent polls show a generic Democrat within single digits of beating him.

Members of Congress should make themselves accessible and accountable to the people they ostensibly represent. Nunes, now being tested with palpable anger from the voters, is refusing to be either.