Nunes melts down on Hannity after four days of national embarrassment


House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes threw a tantrum on Fox News because no one is taking him seriously after his embarrassing FBI memo failure.

Rep. Devin Nunes began the week with his reputation in complete tatters.

After weeks of promising a memo detailing extensive surveillance abuses by the Obama administration and the FBI — neither of which ultimately panned out — he has faced mounting calls for his removal from the chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee

And on House Speaker Paul Ryan's urging, Nunes was forced to release a Democratic counterpoint memo that he had previously blocked.

He's also facing electoral vulnerability back in his California district.

Amid all of these humiliations, Nunes spoke with Fox News' Sean Hannity Monday night, and treated the right-wing talk show host to a long-winded self-pity monologue about the fact that nobody is taking him seriously anymore.

"I think the bigger problem, challenge here, is that the mainstream media is totally uninterested in this," said Nunes.

He then launched into a bizarre, rambling rant about absurd hypotheticals.

"Can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, if Donald Trump or George Bush or Karl Rove had paid for information, and then George W. Bush's FBI had opened an investigation into the Obama campaign because they were talking to Russians ? which by the way, really did happen, the Obama campaign was talking to Russians back in 2008 ? and open up a counterintelligence investigation using dirt and dug up and paid for by the RNC and George W. Bush supporters?" Nunes asked.

"This town would be on fire. Every reporter would be following around Karl Rove and George W. Bush all over town. Yet it's crickets from the media."

"I mean, it is embarrassing," Nunes spluttered. "It's absolutely embarrassing, and I mean, I'm almost flabbergasted because I thought, at least, there would be some ounce of credibility left. but there really isn't any."

The Obama campaign did not, in fact, talk to the Russians in 2008, and Bush was well-known for investigating people without a warrant.

Furthermore, Nunes has no right to complain about how the media has treated him; he played them like suckers, and far from ignoring him, they ate up his every word.

The media only stopped giving him credulous attention after his memo was released and it became plainly apparent that not only did he have no substantive allegations of wrongdoing, he had not even read the underlying intelligence that went into his memo.

It is only fitting that, to complain about the end of his fifteen minutes of infamy, Nunes ended up on Hannity's absurdity and lie-filled show where denying reality is a common theme.