Obama aide embarrasses Sarah Sanders over Trump economy brag


Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried it. Obama aide Jon Favreau responded with a few actual facts.

"Alternative facts" just won't die in the Trump administration.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took the latest stab at attempting to supplant actual reality with the Donald Trump version of it, in which everything good is thanks to him, and anything bad is the fault of someone, anyone, often everyone, else.

Sunday morning, Sanders took to Twitter to lash out at President Barack Obama, who recently commented on the strength of the current economy, tying it to policies his administration had put in place.

He finished the statement with a tongue-in-cheek, "Thanks, Obama!"

To anyone who has been on the internet in the past decade, it was clear that thanking himself was meant somewhat in jest.

Sanders seems to have missed that meme memo:

Or can we?

Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau offered up a quick history and economics lesson in response to Sanders' willful ignorance:

Indeed, Trump's economic performance thus far supports those Quinnipiac poll results.

Trump has presided over the loss of nearly 250,000 jobs to outsourcing, despite repeated claims during the campaign that he would bring jobs back to America. And job growth has dropped to a six-year lows.

And in order to boast about economists' support for his disastrous tax scam bill, he had to literally make them up.

Even a massive bribe to HVAC manufacturing company Carrier wasn't enough to help Trump keep his promises on retaining jobs. And just two months into his time in office, Trump was already trying to blame job loss on American workers themselves.

The Trump team keeps trying to make "alternative facts" happen. But people who care about reality will keep calling them out for their pitiful stubbornness.