Obsessed: Trump lashes out at Hillary before 8 a.m. — 296 days after the election


Donald Trump is the world's sorest winner.

For a man who technically won the White House — despite losing the popular vote by millions — Donald Trump cannot let go of Hillary Clinton.

And he proved that yet again on Friday morning.

Trump has tweeted about Hillary Clinton dozens of times since the election. In July alone, he complained about Clinton a dozen times, still calling her "Crooked," whining that she had "illegally" received debate questions in advance, and insisting that his Department of Justice should be investigating her.

Despite being president of the United States, he just cannot stop thinking about Clinton.

He's not the only one in the White House who maintains this obsession. His counselor Kellyanne Conway recently attacked Clinton — twice in one day — during appearances on Fox. Conway even had the audacity to complain that Clinton was writing a book instead of leading a "bipartisan effort to try to help with infrastructure and meaningful tax reform, or the opioid crisis."

In other words, Conway attacked Clinton for failing to do Trump's job.

With Houston under water and another hurricane heading toward the United States, you would think Trump would have more important things on his mind than complaining about Hillary Clinton and the supposedly "rigged" system that still allowed him to become president. You would think.