Ohio GOP wants to make doctors tell patients about fake medical procedure


Republican lawmakers in Ohio want to make doctors tell patients about a made-up 'abortion reversal' procedure that is unproven and untested.

Ohio GOP legislators are pushing a bill to force doctors to inform people seeking medication abortions about a controversial "reversal procedure."

Last month, the state passed one of the strongest anti-choice laws in the nation, essentially banning abortions around the sixth week of pregnancy, well before many people know they're pregnant. The law also contains no exceptions for rape or incest.

But since medication abortion remains legal in Ohio up until the 6-week mark, the GOP is working hard to disrupt that procedure.

If conservative legislators in Ohio have their way, doctors prescribing medication abortions will be required to lie to their patients and say that they can reverse the procedure if they change their mind.

One huge issue: The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) describes it as "not based on science" and say that it doesn't meet clinical standards. Nor has the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ever evaluated whether medication abortion can be reversed.

One of the sponsors of the Ohio bill, GOP state Sen. Peggy Lehner, claims that 750 babies have been born thanks to the reversal method. That number is based on an incredibly sketchy study that ACOG called both unproven and unethical.

Another backer of the bill, Aaron Baer, president of the conservative Citizens for Community Values, called the proposal "a pro-choice piece of legislation" because it gives people the right "at the last minute, to save the life of their child if that’s what they want."

Demanding doctors inform patients about a medical procedure that is based on unethical and unproven information can hardly be called "pro-choice."

This is the second time in just a week that Ohio Republicans have come up with an abortion bill that is based on unsound science. Another bill making its way through the Ohio House of Representatives requires that women undergo a medical procedure that doesn't exist. In that instance, the bill's sponsor says that ectopic pregnancies could be fixed by removing an embryo from a fallopian tube and reinserting it in the uterus, but that's not possible.

Ohio Republicans are proving time and again that where abortion is concerned, they're not concerned with truth or science — only with controlling women's bodies.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.