Ohio GOP candidate runs from questions about Jim Jordan endorsement


Ohio congressional candidate Troy Balderson ran away from questions about his endorsement by Rep. Jim Jordan. Jordan has been accused by multiple former college wrestlers of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse.

Ohio congressional candidate Troy Balderson ran away from cameras rather than answer questions about the support he has received from scandal-plagued Republican congressman Jim Jordan.

Balderson is running for the seat in Ohio's 12th Congressional District.

The group American Bridge asked Balderson on camera to explain why he won't tell voters in Ohio whether he backs Rep. Jordan's bid to be Speaker of the House.

As the question was asked, Balderson rushed into a campaign office and turned his back to the camera. As follow-up questions were asked, Balderson nervously stared at the walls and floors of the room, studiously avoiding the questioner.

The camera man noted, "Troy, why are you hiding from this, man? Don't be a coward, be a man. You're running for one of the most powerful positions — political positions — in the United States, and you are cowarding out back there."

Balderson remained silent, looking anywhere but at the camera.

Jordan has endorsed Balderson's campaign, where Balderson faces Democrat Danny O'Connor.

At the same time, multiple former Ohio State wrestlers have come forward to levy damaging allegations against Jordan. They say that when he served as an assistant coach for the wrestling team he ignored years of sexual abuse by the team's athletic doctor.

The doctor has been accused of fondling students and ogling them in the locker room shower.

Jordan denies the story, and his Republican defenders have alleged that the entire story is a "deep state" conspiracy.

As he did with accused pedophile Roy Moore, Trump has offered vocal support for Jordan. He has also endorsed Balderson.

Republicans are pulling out all the stops to back Balderson. The district went to Trump in 2016 by 11 points, but the race with O'Connor is neck-and-neck. It could follow other heavily Trump districts that have flipped to Democratic control in the last year.

Support from someone implicated in covering up serial abuse is not what a vulnerable candidate like Balderson likely wants, but he won't shun Jordan's support either.