Olympic gold medalist whose injury Trump fans disgustingly cheered wins World Cup


Lindsey Vonn had the perfect response to the repugnant attacks from Trump supporters.

If living well is the best revenge against those who wish you ill, then Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn just provided a masterclass in doing so.

After Vonn said she was proud to be heading to the Olympics to "represent the people of the United States, not the president," Trump's base immediately went into characteristically disgusting attack mode.

The "Fox and Friends" crew lashed out at Vonn — an American sports champion — as "very un-American," and claimed Vonn's statement that she would not visit the White House was an "affront" to the honor of such an invitation. Even more repulsively, after Vonn sustained an injury during a race in Switzerland, conservative blog Gateway Pundit and other Trump fans on Twitter offered nasty cheers.

"That's what we call the 'Trump Effect,'" one of them said.

Well, now we have the Vonn Effect: using the anger and spite of pathetic right wing trolls to propel you to victory.

On Saturday, Vonn came back from her injury to clinch her 78th World Cup win, becoming the second oldest woman to do so and inching closer to the all-time record.

Vonn said she was "exceptionally happy" with her performance, and proved that the hateful attacks did nothing to dissuade or diminish her.

"My goal now is to continue to take this self-confidence and this momentum through to February," she declared.

Earlier in the week, Vonn discussed her previous comments and the reaction to them, and had a simple but poignant question.

"Is it wrong to hope for a better world?"

Vonn's triumph both over physical injury and intangible attacks to secure yet another win for her country shows that hope is alive and well within her, and is something the nation ought to emulate.