On eve of indictments, desperate Trump demands smearing of Mueller in full-scale meltdown


With the first charges in the Russia investigation expected Monday, Donald Trump is now in a complete state of panic.

The first indictment — or possibly, indictments — in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation are expected on Monday.

So of course, Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday morning in a desperate and very familiar attempt to shift attention away from him.

In a mid-morning tirade, Trump railed against the fact that he is the one being investigated, not Hillary Clinton. He also claimed that Republicans were angry and unified along with him, implying that the GOP is helping him undermine a federal investigation into election interference from a hostile foreign power.

His tweets hit on everything from the debunked Uranium One story to — what else — Clinton's emails.

Trump also claimed that the "Dems are using this terrible (and bad for our country) Witch Hunt for evil politics," despite the fact that the investigation is bipartisan.

He then said Republicans "are now fighting back like never before" — implying that the GOP is aiding his efforts to sabotage the investigation, or else demanding that they start.

No matter how much Trump and his cronies try to push their bizarre alternative reality where Clinton is the president who must be held accountable, the actual reality is that it is the corruption-laden Trump team currently in power, and in the line of sight of Mueller.

The repugnant smearing of Mueller, a decorated Vietnam veteran, will also not serve to distract the public from the truth.

And Trump can tweet all he wants, but he should keep one thing in mind: These are all admissible as evidence. Perhaps Republicans should consider that, too.