On indictment weekend, Trump can't escape Americans who want him out


The resistance won't let Trump escape reality, no matter how much he may wish to.

Two days before special counsel Robert Mueller is expected to bring the first indictments in the Russia investigation, Donald Trump tried to clear his mind with yet another trip to the golf course.

Unfortunately for him, the resistance was there to remind him of what's coming.

Upon arrival at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia — his 76th day at a golf club and 96th day at a Trump property as president — Trump was greeted by a protester holding a sign that, with just one word, conveyed what so much of the country is thinking:

Less than five hours later, as Trump's motorcade departed his golf resort, the public was there to remind him that his record-low approval ratings aren't just a fluke.

According to a White House pool report, Trump's motorcade passed some folks on the way out who offered some pointed greetings.

"One of [them] gave a thumbs down sign," while further down the road, a cyclist "responded by giving the middle finger."

The best part: "The motorcade had to slow and the cyclist caught up, still offering the finger, before turning off a different direction."

Try as he might, and golf as much as can, Trump just can't escape it.

The resistance is everywhere — and it's ready to remind him just how the country feels about this corrupt occupier in the White House.