One of Hannity's most loyal advertisers just dropped him cold


More and more advertisers are dropping Sean Hannity's Fox News show after he mounted a despicable defense of the sexual abuse allegations against Roy Moore.

Advertisers continue to abandon Fox News' Sean Hannity, showing the power of the grassroots movement to shame him for his support of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and his attempts to attack Moore's alleged victims.

The defections from advertisers come as brands decide that affiliating with Hannity's toxic broadcast is not worth the trouble — even those companies that have been his most loyal supporters.

Hubble Contacts, who were catalogued as one of the most frequent advertisers on Hannity's primetime show, announced that they were pulling out of the show.

Society for Human Resource Management announced on the same day that they had pulled advertising from Fox News as of November 10th.

The exodus follows other companies who have left the right-wing programming on the pro-Trump network. Most notably among those advertisers has been coffeemaker manufacturer Keurig.

In supposed retaliation, and egged on by Hannity himself on social media, Trump fans stupidly destroyed the Keurig equipment they owned, and posted videos of themselves doing so on Twitter.

Destroying a product that Keurig had already received the revenue for does nothing to undercut their bottom line, and only works as a virtual signal to other Trump supporters that they no longer have a coffeemaker.

Similar boycotts by advertisers have had a direct effect in the recent past. After Glenn Beck called President Barack Obama a "racist," his program lost so many advertisers it was no longer worth the cost to produce on Fox News.

Advertisers also quit Bill O'Reilly's program after it was exposed that the network had paid over $32 million to keep sexual harassment claims quiet. O'Reilly's show was then cancelled.

Americans are telling companies to stop supporting the filth that Fox News is pumping out, declaring their callous defense of pedophilia to be beyond the pale.

Companies are listening, and Fox is now – finally – suffering.