One year after launching, this resistance group shows more activity than the White House


Stand Up America has already accomplished more in one year than its founder could have hoped for  —  including higher engagement on Facebook than the White House.

Since the election of Donald Trump, groups of concerned citizens all across America have spoken out in patriotic defiance as the nation takes on a hard-right and increasingly authoritarian tone.

One such group is Stand Up America, which was founded a year ago today. Now, according to CrowdTangle, it has more Facebook engagement than the White House. That's right. Even though it has fewer total followers, Stand Up America's community of over 1 million supporters generates more weekly activity than Trump's White House.

This organization has become a powerful force in the national conversation, holding Trump accountable for his ties to Russia and taking on the Republican Party’s attempts to repeal health care for working families.

Stand Up America has released ad blitzes shaming Trump with veterans and targeting 19 House Republicans in New York, California, and Pennsylvania who have sought to block congressional oversight of Russia.

The organization has also organized phone calls to Congress up and down the country in defense of national security and middle class families. By their numbers, they have made 50,000 calls to defeat Obamacare repeal, 35,000 calls to protect the Russia investigation, and in the past week alone, over 10,000 calls to stop the GOP’s tax scam.

Sean Eldridge, president of Stand Up America, had this to say on the anniversary of the day he began fighting Trump:

When I started Stand Up America a year ago, I never imagined that the community would grow to over a million members and drive hundreds of thousands of phone calls to stop Trumpcare and protect the Trump-Russia investigation. Over the past year, we've built a team of passionate organizers who are dedicated to providing progressives with the information they need to take impactful action every day. And in 2018, we're going to be louder than ever.

Nothing Democrats have achieved so far, from protecting our health care to the blowout wins in Virginia and New Jersey, would have been possible without the grassroots activists who put in the work to make it happen.

Stand Up America has been committed to saving the America we all know and love — and one step at a time, they are succeeding.