Only one woman at Trump's Davos Dinner, and White House misspells her name


On top of that, she wasn't allowed to speak.

Donald Trump's dinner with world business leaders in Davos featured exactly zero businesswomen, and the one woman who was present didn't get to speak and had her name misspelled by the White House press office.

Trump's trip to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland was an embarrassment even before he arrived, and things did not improve with his arrival. Trump petulantly lashed out at Palestinians for "disrespecting" Mike Pence, spoke in his trademark third grade patois, and waffled on trade.

But nothing was as emblematic of Trump and his administration as the dinner he sat down to with world business leaders, which featured several members of his own administration, 15 businessmen from around the world, and one woman.

That woman was Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who made news last week by covering for his racist Oval Office tirade and testifying under oath that she did not know that Norway is predominantly white.

To add insult, the White House misspelled Nielsen's name in a list provided to reporters. In addition to renaming one participant "Martian," the press office identified the secretary as "Nielson."

A portion of the dinner was televised, during which attendees took turns making brief remarks. Nielsen said nothing.

This dinner really is a perfect microcosm of Trump's administration. In 2017, for example, 41 of his 42 U.S. attorney appointments were men. Most of his Cabinet secretaries are men. And the few women in his inner circle, with the exception of his daughter, are adept at attacking other women.

But he has also inspired millions of women to resist his disastrous presidency and many of them are running for office to defeat his agenda.

They may be absent from Trump's elite dinner table, but women are coming for Trump in November.