'Oprah would always be my first choice.' Trump has fantasized about Oprah as his VP for 16 years


Poor Mike Pence.

Television and film megastar Oprah Winfrey has sparked speculation about a run for president following her empowering acceptance speech at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards, which could come as a supreme disappointment to at least one member of her fan club.

Winfrey's speech, which powerfully took on the abuse and exploitation of women that has been loudly and courageously exposed in the Trump era, was followed by reporting that Winfrey is considering a run for president in 2020. If Donald Trump managed to stay in office until then, he would ironically be facing someone he has spent years fantasizing about as his running mate.

In 1999, Trump told Larry King that "Oprah would always be my first choice" for vice president, adding, "If she'd do it, she'd be fantastic. I mean, she's popular, she's brilliant, she's a wonderful woman."

And during the 2016 campaign, Trump told George Stephanopoulos that "Oprah would be great" as a running mate, adding, "I'd love to have Oprah, I think we'd win easily."

In news that Trump would likely refer to as "SAD!", Winfrey responded to Trump's overture in 2016 by telling Jimmy Kimmel "I'm with her," a reference to the woman who went on to beat Trump by 3 million votes, Hillary Clinton.

Oprah Winfrey has already been buzzed about as a candidate for 2020, but CNN is now reporting that her friends say she is "actively considering" a run for president.

Trump's presidency has already inspired record numbers of women to run for office, and even if it doesn't end up being Oprah Winfrey, you can bet that powerful women will be among those vying to replace him and repair the damage he has done to our country.