Oregon GOP attacks Democrats for trying to stop the spread of measles


The Oregon Republican Party is stoking anti-vaccination fears with a baseless partisan attack in the middle of a measles outbreak.

The Oregon Republican Party wants to help spread an infectious disease in order to troll Democrats.

Or at least, that's what a tweet the Oregon GOP tweeted from its official account on Monday night suggests.

"Oregon Democrats were just joking about 'my body, my choice' while rammimg (sic) forced injections down every Oregon parent's throat," the Oregon GOP tweeted.


The tweet appears to be an attempt to attack Democrats for supporting abortion rights while at the same time passing legislation that would eliminate loopholes for parents to exploit in order to not vaccinate their children.

The Oregon legislature is currently working to eliminate vaccination exemption loopholes amid a measles outbreak that has hit the state.

It's unclear how the two issues are even remotely similar.

Abortion is a personal decision. Not vaccinating your children creates a public health crisis that could spread infectious yet preventable diseases to babies who are too young to be vaccinated, as well as immunocompromised people who cannot receive a vaccine.

On Monday, the Oregon state legislature passed the bill with a virtual party-line vote. Just two Republicans voted for the legislation, including Rep. Cheri Helt, who introduced the bill, according to the Oregonian.

Vice News reached out to the Oregon Republican Party to ask whether the party's official position was to come out against vaccines — which science and doctors have all said are totally safe and should be administered to all who do not have medical exemptions. The Oregon GOP didn't respond to their request for comment

Ultimately, it seems like the Oregon GOP would rather launch baseless partisan attacks than protect kids.

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