Over 41 million Spanish-speakers locked out of relaunched White House website


The Trump administration relaunched the official White House website — and pointedly excluded a Spanish language version.

The Trump administration launched a new version of the official White House website, but they still refuse to make a version of the site available to the more than 41 million Spanish speakers in the United States.

The new website went live the night of Dec. 14, and was touted by the administration as an improvement over the previous edition that would provide people "with content they can easily access."

But that excludes 41 million-plus native Spanish speakers, as well as another 11.6 million-plus bilingual speakers who live in the United States. America is the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world next to Mexico, and is projected to take first place by 2050. At that point, there will be 138 million Spanish speakers in the country.

When Trump took office in January, the Spanish-language edition of the site that was in place under President Barack Obama was deleted. There was also a Spanish version of the White House site available under President George W. Bush.

Helen Aguirre Ferré, White House director of media affairs, told the Associated Press that a Spanish version of the site would launch by the end of 2017. That has not happened.

The slight reflects a petty manifestation of Trump's blatant hostility toward Latinos.

He launched his presidential campaign describing Mexicans as rapists, and spent much of the next year pushing for a nonsensical wall along the southern border. As president, he has embraced draconian immigration polices that have ripped families apart and put people in danger during natural disasters.

Americans who speak Spanish deserve to know what is happening at the highest levels of the government that they support with their tax dollars. Trump is insulting millions of them with yet another bigotry fueled tantrum.