Panicked Kellyanne Conway desperately declares Trump is not under investigation


The denial is strong with this one.

Donald Trump's White House is in a deepening panic over special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, which has just obtained tens of thousands of emails from the Trump transition team.

And as rumors of a disastrous purge swirl, the White House deployed senior adviser Kellyanne Conway to attack the investigation with her favorite tool.

But the alternative reality Conway put forth was galling, even for her.

In an interview with Fox News' Jesse Watters Saturday night, Conway punctuated her stream of spin and lies with the incredible claim that Trump is "not under investigation."

Americans need to see the entire process for what it is. And I've noticed people who are trying to cover these latest bombshell revelations about the bias against Donald Trump as a candidate — they're trying to cover it by somehow saying the president is against the FBI, he's trying to shut down the investigation. No, we need to see — his lawyers made clear, everybody is complying with that investigation, including the president, who is not under investigation, we are told. Look, everybody should see both sides of the coin here.

Conway's claim relies on then-FBI Director James Comey's month's old assurances that, at that time, Trump was not the target of the FBI's investigation. But that contention fell apart shortly after the formation of Mueller's investigation, and there has been copious reporting since then to indicate that Trump is under investigation for, among other things, obstruction of justice.

Mueller has also since subpoenaed Trump's financial records, a rich avenue of inquiry, and turned Trump's disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn into a cooperating witness.

But Conway didn't say "we were told" that Trump wasn't under investigation; she said "we are told," which is just the sort of bald-faced lie for which she is so well-known.

But Conway's lies aren't going to make Mueller go away, and if the Americans who have the courage to resist Trump have anything to say about it, neither will the threat of firing. Justice is coming for Trump and his entire crew.