Paralympic Games destroys Trump: World not finding us 'tough to watch'


Trump said the Paralympic Games were 'tough to watch.' But as the International Paralympic Committee pointed out, billions of people do not agree with that snide remark.

Trump is not known for showing an ounce of empathy to people with disabilities, something he confirmed with his remarks about the Paralympic Games. But the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) itself delivered a sharp rebuke on behalf of its participants, and billions of viewers.

On Friday, while hosting U.S. athletes who competed in the Olympics and Paralympics in March, Trump conveyed a disinterest or discomfort with the latter.

"And I watched [the Paralympics]. It’s a little tough to watch too much, but I watched as much as I could," he stated bizarrely.

The condemnation of his remarks came swiftly from many sides.

And the next day, the IPC made it clear where it stood on the issue of Trump's unease with the organization's athletes.

Trump's comment was as blithely callous as his crude mocking of a disabled reporter on the campaign trail in 2015.

And his actions since occupying the White House have cemented his total disregard for disabled people, from veterans to students. His 2018 budget took aim at programs that directly assist the most vulnerable Americans.

And of course, he also wants to eliminate federal funding for the Special Olympics.

Trump's heartless remark that the Paralympics were "tough to watch" may not be surprising coming from him. But it was despicable nonetheless.

And as the IPC makes clear, it's a stance that leaves him out in the cold. Meanwhile, billions of others are cheering on the athletes.