Kellyanne Conway can't even talk about a football game without bringing up Hillary


This has gone from comical to sad.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway came off the bench this weekend to shill for the Trump shutdown, but on Monday morning, her obsession with Hillary Clinton reared its compulsive head.

Conway was shelved from cable TV after her extended meltdown over Clinton. After a week in the doghouse, she was trotted out to pitch in on the White House's failed effort to sell the Trump shutdown as the Democrats' doing.

But during a lighthearted exchange exchange of pleasantries on "Fox & Friends" about the Philadelphia Eagles' 38-7 victory in the NFL Championship game, Conway couldn't resist returning to her foremost obsession.

"I will just say that the underdog here is the Eagles," Conway said. "And you know me, I love an underdog."

Then she bizarrely pivoted to Clinton. "The Patriots are like that woman whose name I don't mention on TV anymore," Conway said, a reference to her disastrous performance in an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo.

She added that the Eagles "are constantly counted out, and constantly said 'you can't win.' Sounds familiar to me."

One major difference between Trump and the Eagles, as Conway is painfully aware, is that the Eagles actually won with a higher score than their opponent, while Clinton bested Trump by 3 million votes.

Despite Conway's frequent insistence that neither she nor anyone in the White House thinks about Clinton anymore, it's obvious Conway can't shake her obsession. Clinton will always be a reminder of Conway's own tainted accomplishment, the election of a man who will leave office under a cloud of unprecedented scandal and disastrous cultural and political wreckage, abetted by Conway's willingness to cover for his misogyny and sexual predation. There is no shower that will wash that off.