Paul Ryan dismisses Trump's sexual assaults as 'other stuff' he's not interested in


Paul Ryan dismissed the multiple claims of sexual assault and misbehavior against Donald Trump as "other stuff" he is not interested in, preferring to take a victory lap on his tax cut legislation.

At least 19 women have made credible allegations that Donald Trump either sexually assaulted them or made unwanted sexual advances toward them, but Speaker Paul Ryan has callously dismissed their plight as "other stuff" he can't be bothered with.

Ryan appeared on NBC's "Today Show" to take a victory lap after the passage of the Republican Party's tax cuts for the extremely wealthy. What Ryan does not seem to understand is that as speaker, he is second in line to the presidency and responsible for a wide portfolio of issues, not just easing the tax burden of billionaires.

Ryan was asked by anchor Savannah Guthrie about the Trump administration's repeated claims that the women who have levied accusations against Trump are all liars.

Instead of taking his role as a head of government seriously, Ryan angrily insisted that his focus was on making the economy better for his daughter, not doing anything about sexual assault by the head of his party.

"I don't even know what all of these accusations are," Ryan said, even though the allegations have been thoroughly reported in major news outlets since the summer of 2016. Ryan even stepped away from campaigning for Trump after the "Access Hollywood" tape surfaced, so his claim is dishonest and untrue.

Ryan added, "I'm not focused on this other stuff."

GUTHRIE: Before I let you go, the White House position on the president's accusers is that they are all liars. Is that your position as well?

RYAN: Look, I don't even know what all of these accusations are. I'm focused on fixing Congress. I'm focused on my job where I work, making this institution safe. I want my daughter to be able to grow up in an economy to go into her work – public or private sector where she's not being harassed, where she's being empowered. That's what I'm focused on, I'm not focused on this other stuff.

Trump admitted on the infamous tape that he sexually assaults women, bragging that he likes to kiss women without waiting for their consent and "grab 'em by the pussy."

A majority of Americans believe the allegations against Trump, and Democrats have been pushing for Congress to investigate and hear these claims. Republicans believe that Trump's sexual assaults should be ignored, and have pushed back on Democratic efforts in this regard.

As their support for alleged pedophile Roy Moore in Alabama's Senate race showed, Republicans are completely disinterested in pursuing a family values agenda if it interferes with the right-wing corporate agenda that their donors demand.

Women's rights, civil liberties for ethnic minorities, the health of children — none of these are worthy issues of concern in the world of Republicans, definitely not ahead of another round of economically unsound tax cuts.

Paul Ryan doesn't have time for women who were assaulted by his legislative and ideological partner Donald Trump. That's "other stuff."